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Siena Kossoff Bat Mitzva project

Hi Family and Friends,

In preparing for my upcoming Bat Mitzvah, I thought long and hard about which charity would be most meaningful for me to support for my Mitzvah project. Thanks to my dog Kota, I’ve realized how much love and light a dog can bring into a person’s life and since dogs are very close to my heart, I decided that “Dogs For People” in Israel is the perfect charity.  This amazing organization changes lives by rescuing dogs from the streets and kill shelters and rehabilitating them to become certified therapy dogs that help at risk teens, children with special needs and people suffering from PTSD to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me reach my goal of raising $1,800 by supporting this wonderful organization that means so much to me.  If I can achieve my goal, my parents have agreed to match the amount.



After donating, please fill in this form so we can send you a personal thank you letter:

for more information, questions or requests – contact us at [email protected]

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